WIA requires repayment of disallowed costs resulting from misexpended funds. . the U. S. Department of Labor for repayment of all disallowed costs incurred in the . The debt, if not resolved or a satisfactory alternative repayment plan has not .

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Revised Audit Resolution, Audit Appeal and Debt - Idaho ...
Demand for repayment of the disallowed costs. f). Description of the debt collection process and other sanctions that may be imposed if payment is not received.


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Workforce Investment Act Title I-B
Also included in final debts are payments related to incidents of fraud or other . In the federal resolution process, the Secretary (of the Department of Labor) makes . as a substitute for disallowed costs in audit, or other resolution procedures.

Debt Collection Procedures for ETA unallowable costs Source
Mar 27, 2002 . Thomas E. Ivory. Director. DEPARTMENT OF LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT . government and other subrecipients liable for disallowed costs. . Every recipient of ETA funds is required to repay the amounts of funds received .

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Workforce Investment Act State Compliance Policies
Whether these costs are allowed or disallowed and the reasons for such . Time by which debt must be repaid and when debts become delinquent; e. . The Governor may use this option when DOL offsets a debt against the State and the .

State of Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development
b) Disallowed Costs are questioned costs that have been formally determined . (4) The negotiation of repayment plans or alternative debt collection methods, if .

773 F.2d 180
A Department of Labor Grant Officer disallowed $12487 in CETA program costs . is invalid and his order for repayment of the disallowed costs is unenforceable. . of Labor's denial of a proposed method for repaying an established debt.

Debt Collection Effective Date - WDCSC - Workforce Development ...
Aug 20, 2007 . Department of Labor One-Stop Comprehensive Financial Management Technical Assistance. Guide, Chapter . disallowed costs when the following conditions are met: The costs . if the final debt is not repaid with interest; .

Assistance Guide distributed by the U.S. Department of Labor (July 2002). . Credits from disallowed audit costs or disallowed costs resulting from complaints or hearings shall be . may propose to repay a debt by use of "stand-in" costs.

98.305 - Causes for debarment.
(3) Failure to pay a single substantial debt, or a number of outstanding debts ( including disallowed costs and overpayments, but not including sums owed the .

Date of Issue
Within a few months of report issuance, the U.S. Department of Labor. (USDOL) and the . Collecting any debts resulting from costs that are disallowed in AWI's . (d) The establishment of a debt if applicable, and repayment options that are .


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108 F.3d 614: State of Louisiana, Department of Labor, Petitioner ...
Likewise, the USDOL disallowed total payments of $847633 made to TTD under . the final determination and ordered the state to repay the disallowed costs of .

decision on audit findings (i.e., whether to disallow questioned costs and/or to attempt to collect . of 1996 amendments to the Debt Collection Act and equitable estoppel. . any award for those costs or will direct a repayment of funds already . Department of Labor (see 13.6.3) have administrative appeals that provide .

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Title Page
.06 Incurring Costs of Obligating Federal Funds Beyond the Expiration Date.......... .......... 5 .07 Tax Refunds . . .01 Payment of Debts Owed the Federal Government . . costdeterminationguide/main.htm. 2. . proposed disallowance of costs and the establishment of a debt: 1. Unless .

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29 CFR 95.2 - Definitions. - Code of Federal Regulations - Title 29 ...
(d) Advance means a payment made by Treasury check or other appropriate . (l) Disallowed costs means those charges to an award that DOL determines to be . (w) Intangible property and debt instruments means, but is not limited to, .

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Southwest Washington Workforce Development Council Workforce ...
Chapter 11-13 Disposition of Disallowed Costs and Washington State Policy 3255 . United States Department of Labor and Washington State Employment Security . A sub recipient debt is established when local SWWDC personnel judge a . include the finding, the required repayment and finance charges, along with a .

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Auditing and Audit Resolution
Attachment: Audit Resolution and Debt Collection Flow Chart (.pdf document) . The U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration . Corrective actions that have or will be taken; and Waiver requests for disallowed costs. . Legal action shall be initiated if no response or payment is received within 30 .

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893 F.2d 1319
Because we find that the provisions of the Debt Collection Act are not applicable . owed to DOL and noted that DOL would charge interest on disallowed costs beginning . for some of the disallowed costs and requested waiver of repayment .

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Workforce Investment Field Instruction (WIFI), No
DOL-ETA has changed the State fiscal reporting procedures and requirements. . receipt, and payment for goods and services comply with laws, regulations, and the . When a cost is disallowed in the Final Determination, a debt is created .

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